Hey! I am a Ukrainian crochet enchantress! I am a mother not only to my child but also to a whole feline army that guards me during my creative endeavors. My 9 cats and 5 dogs provide me with a constant source of inspiration and a fluffy army!

Once upon a time, I took a hook in my hands and started crocheting toys. It turned out to be the craziest choice in my life! My hands transformed into a magical instrument capable of creating cute and unusual creatures.

Even the pandemic couldn't stop my creativity! At the most inappropriate moment, I wrote my first pattern to share my secrets with the world. Everyone knows that in the most challenging times, we reveal our true genius, and I proved it with my crocheted toys!

Since then, I have created 50+ patterns on original and unusual toys. My dolls, little animals, and other crocheted patterns come to life in the hands of those who follow my instructions. It's real magic that fills the world with smiles and warmth.

So, if you are ready for a crocheting adventure, welcome to my crocheting world! I promise to immerse you in an ocean of creativity, awaken your imagination, and give you the opportunity to create true wonders from yarn.

Are you ready for this exciting crocheting  journey? Grab your hook, get ready for magic, and join me!

Your crocheting friend, Mariia